What drives us is not the glory of the win, the high profile cases, or the accolades and renown. It’s bigger than that. What really stokes this fire is the difference we can make.
We believe that every issue we take on has the potential to transform business or to change lives. And that every person, every organization has the right to top-flight legal representation, not just the Fortune 10. Because ultimately, we’re all in this together. So we serve the community with the same vigor, discipline and commitment that we  apply to representing individuals, small
businesses and global corporations. Fighting for the things that matter, in the courtroom, in the boardroom and in the world. With every barrier we break down, every future we defend, every door we open, we’re making the kind of change that changes everything. Including us.


As Big Firm alumni, we know first-hand what the traditional model can do. And can’t.
So we walked away from the legal behemoths to create something leaner, more agile and—dare we say—more just. What we’ve sparked is not so much a revolution as an evolution. Providing the same top legal talent. The same shrewd business counsel. Just delivered in a way that’s more direct. More effective. And more accessible than ever. Through process efficiencies that streamline litigation.
Leading-edge technologies that expedite documentation and retrieval, enhance decision making and prevent duplicative efforts. And alternative fee structures that accommodate clients of every stripe and scope. In a social and economic landscape that’s increasingly shifting beneath our feet, organizations need the ability to turn on a dime. And legal counsel that’s already a step ahead.


We’re innovators schooled in tradition. Idealists rooted in reality. Young enough that we still believe we can change the world. But experienced enough to have figured out how to work within the one we’ve got to achieve our clients’ goals.


Matthew D. Barzman
Carl Berthold
Christine Diaz-Herrera
Robert Dixon
Melvin Felton
Mihret Getabicha
Ayan Jacobs
Alexandra Lototsky
Eric Mintz
Sabrina C. Narain
Felton Newell
Lily Nizam
Raul Ocampo
Robert C. Pearman, Jr.
Rick Reyes
Reginald Roberts, Jr.
Edwin Rush
Justin H. Sanders
Maks Shapiro
Cynthia Y. Sun
Jocelynne Tan
Shawn P. Thomas
Jason Ziven


Vee Alverez
Akila Booty
Alexis Council
Xiomara Escamilla
James Lacour
Marilyn Perez-Garcia
Blanca Reyes
Brittney Samuels