Business Litigation

At Sanders Roberts, we are guided by the ethos that we succeed when our clients succeed.

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Employment Litigation

Employers face a highly complex legal and regulatory environment that can often have a dramatic impact.

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General Liability Litigation

Our highly experienced litigation team has a long record of delivering winning results for our clients.

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Our unique specialty lies in representing emerging artists, brands, and content creators.

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Best in Class Lawyers

We are skilled fighters for our clients’ rights with an unparalleled drive and ability to make sure their interests and needs are pursued, protected, and promoted. Our team has earned a stellar reputation achieving great results handling Business Litigation, Employment Litigation, General Liability Litigation, Employment, and a host of other types of legal matters.
Sanders Roberts was built on the foundation that every client deserves top-flight legal representation. We strive to make sure our clients understand and believe their legal interests are in great hands. For us, it’s not about just handling a case well, we take pride in building long-term relationships with our clients.

We Are Trial Lawyers

The lawyers at Sanders Roberts pride themselves on not just being great litigators, but also great trial lawyers. This distinction serves our clients’ needs well because we approach every matter from a position of strength knowing what it will take to win at trial, if necessary. Because our lawyers know their way around a courtroom, we are often asked on the eve of trial to take over cases from other law firms.
In trial, we are brilliant thinkers and strategists, and we approach every aspect of a case with surgical precision. Whether in State or Federal Court, arbitration or an administrative proceeding, our clients find comfort knowing one of our lawyers will be their advocate every step of the way, from picking the jury, to making the opening statement, to examining the witnesses, to giving the closing argument.
Lawyers Firm

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What sets us apart

Our firm is comprised of a diverse team of talented attorneys who understand that our clients rely on us to achieve great results in a timely manner. We fully understand that disputes distract our clients from their core business objectives. We also appreciate the risks our clients face when disputes arise including the well-known fact that litigation can be expensive.
That is why we make sure each case is staffed leanly and with the right attorneys, why our billing rates are competitive, and why we prioritize exploring ways to resolve our clients’ disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible from the outset of the case and each step of the way.