Sanders Roberts LLP’s savvy and well-connected entertainment attorneys are at the leading edge, combining decades of experience and industry knowledge to bring the highest quality representation to creators, artists, producers and groundbreaking organizations in the rapidly changing entertainment landscape.
While we represent all types of clients, we have a unique specialty representing emerging artists, brands and content creators and elevating the careers of established artists looking to re-emerge from downtime or launch into a new part of the industry. We bring our deep-rooted experience in traditional media and intricate understanding of the ever-changing digital landscape to bear in helping emerging and established clients alike develop, acquire, protect, distribute, and monetize content across all media platforms.
With new financial innovations, burgeoning distribution channels, complex intellectual property issues, bigger budgets and more productions than ever, creating popular entertainment today is an undertaking like no other. Our breadth of experience in complementary practice areas such as intellectual property protection and packaging projects means our attorneys have the ability to provide tailor-made business and legal solutions to our client’s needs.
We assist our clients in acquiring necessary rights for development projects and navigating complex relationships among multiple partners. We structure and negotiate independent and studio development agreements, option/purchase and writer agreements, production services agreements, co-production and collaboration agreements, and all forms of distribution agreements across all media with global studios, indie distributors, and all major streaming platforms. We serve as production counsel for select motion picture, television, new media and virtual reality productions created by our clients, including both scripted and unscripted projects. We assist clients with negotiating above-the-line talent and below-the-line personnel engagement arrangements, forming production entities, advising on clearance issues, handling day-to-day production issues, and delivering projects to distributors.
The team’s diversity of experience provides a unique advantage to the firm’s entertainment clients. Collectively, our attorneys have worked at the world’s leading movie studios, law firms and talent agencies, and their experiences, relationships, and industry knowledge provide them with a unique ability to advocate for their clients.
Sanders Roberts LLP attorneys are immersed in the music industry and passionate about their craft. Our attorneys represent artists and institutional clients, including musicians, songwriters, record labels, publishers, and media companies. We negotiate a wide array of deals and regularly advise our clients on recording, publishing, management, distribution, and live performance agreements.
Our attorneys have been on the cutting edge of representing the world’s leading digital native talent. Many of the most followed individuals on YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram rely on Sanders Roberts LLP for legal advice regarding all aspects of their business career, including agreements for endorsements, merchandise, and live touring.

We strive to bring a unique personal touch to negotiating, structuring, and drafting complex and innovative agreements for talent and institutional clients in film, television, digital media and music at every stage. The wide range of agreements we handle include:

Talent service agreements

Talent Representation Agreements


First look





Film & TV Licensing


Touring and live-appearance agreements

and publishing agreements