Business Litigation

Our highly experienced business litigators are known for their tenacity, innovation and meticulous preparation throughout the courts and tribunals of California and across the country. We bring big firm experience to bear on all of the matters we confront, with a keen understanding of what the big firm model can accomplish – but also of what it can’t. Our attorneys intentionally walked away from the legal behemoths to create something leaner, more agile, and with a sharper focus on the needs and perspectives of each of our business clients. We provide the same top caliber legal talent, but we deliver it in a way that’s more direct, more effective, and more accessible than ever.

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Our attorneys have an intimate understanding of the challenges businesses face in today’s rapidly changing economy. As litigators we never lose sight of the big picture, leaving no stone unturned and no opportunities wasted when crafting a cost cost-efficient and effective legal strategy. And our lawyers actually try cases. While we always seek bottom-line solutions to avoid costly litigation and preserve our clients’ resources and reputations, our clients and adversaries know we have the experience and commitment to go the distance if required. We possess the tools to take any matter to trial and win.

Business Litigation
We recognize that every client’s business objectives are unique. With this in mind, we carefully consider all available options when managing cases. Our goal is to resolve disputes in the smartest, most cost-effective and expeditious way, utilizing alternative fee structures that accommodate clients of every size and stripe. We seek to deliver optimal, yet affordable, results.
Our seasoned attorneys have litigated a wide variety of high-profile and complex business disputes. We advise clients on all phases of business litigation, in state and federal and appellate courts, as well as in mediations, arbitrations and judicial references.

Common areas we handle include of expertise include the following types of matters:

Administrative Law



Breach of

Breach of fiduciary duties

Deceptive Trade Practices

Defamation, Libel & Slander


Fraudulent Transfers

Partnership/Shareholder disputes


Unfair Business Practices